In the epidemic, Cloud Computing ushered in a bright moment

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Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic this spring, most areas of the world have implemented blockade measures, and companies have had to rely more on technology. Cloud computing therefore ushered in a bright moment.

CNN reported on October 5 that from a consumer's point of view, cloud computing business is not attractive, but some well-known technology companies are focusing on developing cloud computing. This technology has become the key to helping companies deal with business disruptions and develop digital innovations, and this advantage is even more obvious during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hillery Hunter, the chief technology officer of IBM Cloud, said of the early stages of the outbreak: “Almost every information technology person’s work pressure is close to that of Black Friday.”

This health crisis shows that in many cases, the development of cloud computing is imperative.

"Customers who develop cloud technology with digital functions can make adjustments to their business faster." said Julia White, vice president of Microsoft Azure. "For retailers with a good e-commerce platform, their business level It is much better than merchants without e-commerce channels; for organizations, using artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their supply chain to make more real-time predictions will help them improve performance."

Despite the uncertainties in the current economy, the advantages of cloud computing have caused more and more companies to migrate their businesses to the "cloud." In particular, industries that have been slow to develop cloud technology, such as healthcare and finance, now have a sense of urgency and urgently need to transition to cloud computing.

Market research company Gartner pointed out in a report in July that although spending on the entire information technology industry is expected to decline this year due to the economic recession, the public cloud computing market is likely to become a "bright spot." Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives (Dan Ives) also pointed out last Friday (2nd) that he predicts that by 2022, the total cloud computing business will climb from the current 33% to 55%-due to cloud computing The growth momentum is strong right now, and this goal is expected to be achieved next year.

"Before the epidemic or at the beginning of the epidemic, companies wanted to transform or had formulated a variety of digital transformation plans. They realized that they needed to really start investing in cloud computing." Market research company CCS Insights analyst Nick McQuay (Nick McQuire) said.

Unlike the traditional way of relying on local data centers to store information, cloud computing is essentially a method of renting space on remote servers to store and process information.

This setting provides companies with greater flexibility and can help companies cope with business changes. Matt Garman, vice president of global sales for Amazon Web Services, cited as an example, when demand for services such as the large online conference platform Zoom and the supermarket delivery company Instacart soared, these companies You can quickly rent more cloud space to improve operational capabilities, so that your site will not get into trouble due to the sharp rise in utilization.

"If these two platforms don't use cloud computing, they can't cope with the dramatic changes in their business." Garman said, "They have to buy servers or build data centers, so companies like Instacart and Zoom will never be able to scale quickly. "

On the other hand, companies such as travel companies and other companies whose business volume has plummeted during the epidemic can also cut costs while waiting for business recovery by reducing cloud computing capacity and space.

IBM's Hunter said: "The epidemic has highlighted the value of cloud computing. Previously, cloud computing may have been more theoretical for certain organizations and enterprises, but now, the application and advantages of this technology can be very real. ."

In addition to basic storage and computing functions, companies are increasingly relying on "cloud" applications for remote management of employees.

Microsoft's White said that in recent months, there has been a surge in demand for remote work tools (such as Teams, Virtual Desktop and cloud security applications) developed by the company on the "cloud". She added that people are also becoming more and more interested in Microsoft's business application Power Apps, which can help companies build cloud-based "low-level code" applications without the help of professional developers.

White said that during the epidemic, the medical system was already using Power Apps to build applications for tracking and managing personal protective equipment. Hospital IT managers can easily build such applications, the medical staff can also phone in their petition to ask to use the program.


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In the epidemic, Cloud Computing ushered in a bright moment