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9 Steps to Increasing Social Media Fan Engagement

The objective of Corite is to keep artists in charge of their careers. When I spoke with Emelie Olsson, the company's Director of Artist Relations, it was evident that the entire business strategy empowered independent artists and their followers. Corte is a Swedish crowdfunding site that allows fans to "contribute with their hearts" and become "genuine partners" throughout an artist's career.

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What Should We Expect From Gaming Companies When They Open Their Own Content Studios?

Imagine yourself viewing an immersive multi-player sports video game online in the not-too-distant future, betting on who would win the competition. During the game, you'll be shown a short commercial for a reality show that provides you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the lives of the game's best players. You may watch the series on your mobile device or smart TV on the new (FREE) "Bally's Box" streaming service. A chance to win a vacation in Las Vegas with the show's stars is part of the enjoyment.

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SpaceX Signs a 'Blockbuster Deal' to Send Passengers to the International Space Station.