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"Groups no longer need technical knowledge; all they need today are resources," Google noted in a blog post.

We hear a lot about 5G technology, but its impact on our lives is limited to our smartphones and mobile service providers for many of us. However, thinking that 5G technology is solely beneficial because it allows us to read books before bed is equivalent to stating that electricity is excellent because it will enable us to read books before bed. Sure, both are positive outcomes, but the consequences of each invention are far more extensive.

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AI May be a Force for Good – But Now We're Headed for a Darker Future.

Artificial Intelligence ( AI) is already reconfiguring the world inconspicuous ways. Data powers our global digital economy, and data trends are exposed to AI technologies. Smartphones, smart homes, and intelligent cities affect how we work and communicate, and AI systems are increasingly involved in recruitment decisions, medical diagnosis, and court rulings. It depends on your viewpoint on whether this scenario is utopian or dystopian.

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Zoom Pays $86 Million to Resolve a Class-action Privacy Complaint in the United States.