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5 Cybersecurity Tactics To Protect The Cloud

Risk management and cybersecurity have risen to the top of the boardroom agenda. According to a Gartner report, 61% of chief information officers (CIOs) increase their cyber and information security investments. By the end of this year, the global research and advisory group expects that spending on information security and risk management technology and services will have increased by 12.4 percent. Even more, telling is that firms have begun to appoint cybersecurity experts to their boards of directors.

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In Manufacturing, Good Data Drives Cloud Computing.

According to an IDG poll, cloud use has exploded in the last ten years, with 92 percent of commercial business strategies now relying on it. The manufacturing sector, in particular, has a nearly identical rate of 87 percent. However, most cloud computing use cases are centered on information technology; according to the report, storage and backup, customer relationship management or enterprise resource planning systems, and disaster recovery are the top apps and services being shifted to the cloud.

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Three Examples of How Cloud Technology has Shaped the Travel Industry

In recent years, investing in cloud technology has gained prominence in the travel industry. But there were still several questions that slowed down the rate of cloud adoption. The critical reasons for this were protection and data security issues and fear of lack of accessibility and experience (LogicMonitor, 2018). But with rising consumer demands and a dynamic technological environment within the travel industry, more and more travel companies are discovering the benefits of cloud computing for themselves.

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Deploy Web Server on a Cloud server