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Three Examples of How Cloud Technology has Shaped the Travel Industry

In recent years, investing in cloud technology has gained prominence in the travel industry. But there were still several questions that slowed down the rate of cloud adoption. The critical reasons for this were protection and data security issues and fear of lack of accessibility and experience (LogicMonitor, 2018). But with rising consumer demands and a dynamic technological environment within the travel industry, more and more travel companies are discovering the benefits of cloud computing for themselves.

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VPN Myths Your End Users Need to Know

Digital private networks play a vital role in providing access—and enhancing anonymity—to end-users in higher education. However, as VPN adoption is increasingly growing to meet remote learning requirements, colleges and universities must resolve common misconceptions that users may have regarding VPN adoption, implementation, and use.

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How Cloud Server Can Benefit the Individuals in Their Daily Life ?

When it comes to cloud computing and big data, they all seem to be at the forefront of technology, and we always feel that they are far away from us. However, science and technology development should benefit the general public, so cloud computing is not irrelevant to us. Many cloud computing functions can be used to solve problems in our work and life. So, here comes to the question, how can cloud computing benefit individuals in their daily life?

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Druva, a backup company, has raised $147 million in new funding to secure data in the cloud.