Security Group FAQs

What should I do if the public IP cannot ping through?
From a security perspective, PING is disabled by default in the security group policy. To enable the PING function, you need to accept the ICMP protocol in the "Security Group"- enabled security group, click "Management"-"Create Rule".

What should I do if Remote Desktop / SSH cannot connect?

1. Confirm that the corresponding host is in the power-on state;

2. Confirm the port and connection method of the operating system. Windows system uses the remote desktop connection. The default port is 3389. Linux system uses Shell tool to connect, and the default port is 22.

3. Confirm that the login user name and password are correct. The default login name of the Windows system is Administrator. The default login name of the Linux system is root. The password can be viewed in the "Host"-> View on the Management page of the corresponding host.

Does the web application firewall support HTTPS protection?
The web application firewall fully supports HTTPS services. Just upload the SSL certificate and private key according to the prompt, and you can modify it at any time, and the web application firewall can protect the HTTPS services.

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Security Group FAQs