Volunteers Build COVID-19 Vaccine Finder Website

SEATTLE — Hundreds of devoted volunteers have developed a new platform Washingtonians can use to locate and schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

In recent weeks, the Washington State Department of Health has made strides in raising the number of regular vaccines, but for those in the Evergreen State, the COVID-19 vaccine remains elusive. Supplies are inadequate, and appointments fill up quickly, leaving a lot of doubt about when they will be able to get their shot.

Please join the WA COVID Vaccine Finder(https://www.covidwa.com/). It's a new website created by more than 70 volunteers, designed to make it as easy as possible to find a shot and set up an appointment.

As the website states, the goal is to help vulnerable community members who do not have the time to search hundreds of vaccine availability sites repeatedly:

"We agree that as long as COVID-19 vaccine appointment bookings are incredibly scarce and access to appointments is web-based, representatives of disadvantaged groups that have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 will require special assistance in locating and scheduling appointments. We cannot possibly solve this issue independently, but this site is a contribution that we can make now. We hope that WA COVID Vaccine Finder (covidwa.com) will help reduce one obstacle to easy access to up-to-date availability of appointments."

Although the Washington State Department of Health's website for vaccinations, FindYourPhaseWA.org, can be useful for assessing your vaccine eligibility and signing up for updates, WA COVID Vaccine Finder goes one step further. It displays where vaccine doses are currently available, where they could be available shortly, and provides users with direct links to make appointments at those clinics. It also allows users to search by zip code to try to locate vaccination appointments in their area.

That must have been something the city wanted because, despite being up for less than two weeks, the organizers estimate they're attracting a crowd of 6,000 visitors every hour. They all said the platform had supported more than 435,000 people during the last week.

Learn more about their project, how to get involved, or just use their resources to find a vaccine appointment by visiting www.covidwa.com.

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Volunteers Build COVID-19 Vaccine Finder Website