Utomik announces cloud gaming and apps for Android and Samsung TV

Parting the clouds: Cloud gaming and video game streaming

Utomik announced today the upcoming launch of its cloud gaming service. The company plans to offer cloud gaming to all of its users, and it will launch its app on Android and Samsung TV later this year.

Utomik offers a subscription service for PC gaming — currently, it has over 1,300 PC games. The games include the likes of Borderlands, Saints Row The Third, and My Time at Portia. With cloud gaming, it would offer some of its games to players on other devices, including mobile with Android. It will also be one of three partner services available on the upcoming Samsung Gaming Hub, alongside Stadia and GeForce Now.

Utomik CTO Mark Schroders said in a statement, “The launch of the new Android app is an important milestone for Utomik. We wanted to build the app and the back-end that we need to deliver a solid user experience, making games even more accessible. By using a novel blend of cloud gaming and file streaming technology we strive to provide an effortless gaming experience!”

However, Utomik says it will not put all of the games on its service on the cloud. Some games aren’t suitable for cloud gaming, contends Utomik. It wants to communicate to users both what games are available on mobile and what games are best played with controllers.

CEO Doki Tops said in an interview with GamesBeat, “Cloud gaming is really a tool, not a technical solution as a lot of companies have positioned it in the past. What you can play on mobile is not all the games we have…. What cloud gaming has suffered from the most is that people were creating expectations that could never be met. We want to break that mold, provide a really great experience, but also warn users beforehand — ‘Hey, the connection you’re on right now is not suitable for cloud’ — to prevent people from getting a bad experience.”

The company is currently testing the Utomik mobile app, which plans to launch later this year. In the closed beta, users will play a curated selection of games. The beta is available for users in the UK and parts of Europe, with North America following shortly after.

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Utomik announces cloud gaming and apps for Android and Samsung TV