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Thanks to the power of cloud streaming, it's easier than ever to play Xbox games without needing to even own the console. So long as you have a screen and a stable internet connection and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you're good to go, as Microsoft's magic beams a game directly into your chosen device. A significant chunk of the games in the Xbox Game Pass library can be played via cloud streaming on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop/laptop PCs. Some of the games even feature touchscreen controls, so you don't have to bring a controller with you while on the go. We've rounded up the best Xbox Cloud Gaming games available now.

While many of the games on this list we chose specifically because they are ideal for mobile with touchscreen controls, there are some games that translate well to mobile devices that either require a controller or are better with a controller. Plus, if you want to feel like you are playing a console game, a traditional control scheme is the way to go. You can use the Xbox Core wireless controller and pair it with a phone clip. Alternatively, we'd highly recommend the Backbone One or Razer Kishi. Both controllers turn your smartphone into a Nintendo Switch-style handheld, and they are compact and good for travel.

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Xbox Cloud Streaming Games