Amazon Cloud Technology announced the establishment of a Quantum networking centre

Amazon cloud technology recently announced the establishment of Amazon Centerfor Quantum Networking (CQN), which is dedicated to solving the fundamental science and engineering challenges of Quantum computing and developing new hardware, software and applications for Quantum networks. Amazon Cloud Technology Quantum Network Center is another new initiative of Amazon Cloud Technology in the field of quantum computing, which will further promote the research in the field of quantum science and engineering on the basis of the existing quantum computing Center and Amazon Quantum Solutions Laboratory.

Government agencies and technology companies have invested heavily in the research and development of quantum computers over the past decade, as they are likely to revolutionize science and technology in the future. There is a long way to go, but quantum computers have come a long way: from sophisticated experimental systems available only to a handful of research institutions to more reliable and powerful commercial machines available through cloud services like Amazon Braket for researchers, developers and even quantum computing enthusiasts around the world.

Although quantum computing is currently an important area of investment and promotion by researchers in academia and industry, it is not the whole story of quantum technology. To unlock the full potential of quantum devices, they would need to be connected into a quantum network, similar to those currently connected via the Internet. Although quantum networks have not received the same level of attention as quantum computers, the potential for applications related to them is huge. One is the distribution of quantum keys to secure global communications, which can achieve levels of privacy and security that traditional encryption cannot. Quantum networks can also connect individual quantum processors and amplify their capabilities, providing a powerful and secure quantum server in the cloud.

Quantum networks could take advantage of some of the technologies already deployed for modern optical communication, such as lasers, fibers and detectors. But rather than using a powerful laser beam, quantum networks require a single photon -- the smallest unit of light -- to link quantum devices together. Quantum networks can achieve many special functions with the help of single-photon technology, but they also face great challenges: quantum mechanics prevents the amplification of single-photon power, thus limiting the transmission range of the network. In addition, the fragility of single photons makes connecting to today's quantum computing devices complicated. This means that special new technologies, such as quantum Repeaters and converters, need to be developed to achieve the deployment of global quantum networks.

Quantum networks, like quantum computers, are still in their early stages of development, and there are many obvious challenges before they can reach their full potential. By continuing to invest in quantum research and technical staff, Amazon Cloud Technology Quantum Networking Center hopes to further advance quantum networking's capabilities in privacy, security and computing, bringing it one step closer to our customers.

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Amazon Cloud Technology announced the establishment of a Quantum networking centre