Edge computing and its amazing applications

What is edge computing?

Edge computing is a distributed, open AI architecture with decentralized processing power by supporting mobile computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. This minimizes the need for long-distance communication between the client and server, thereby reducing latency and bandwidth usage.

Application of edge computing
Oil and gas industry -- Real-time remote monitoring and advanced machinery powered by iot sensors are deployed at isolated locations to protect critical machinery and systems from disaster.

Smart City -- Edge computing devices that are gathering information to perform basic processing tasks are at the heart of smart city development.
Self-driving cars -- Edge technology can help self-driving cars communicate frequently by sending data on accidents, weather conditions, traffic and more.
Security - Installed edge computing devices identify and flag abnormal behavior in real time, and ultimately act as a security monitoring system.
Cloud Gaming -- Cloud Gaming companies use edge computing technology to build edge servers close to game players to reduce latency and provide responsive and immersive gaming experiences.
Manufacturing - Edge computing allows industrial machines to make decisions without human intervention. Decentralized design helps minimize time and cost. Since the architecture of machine learning networks is developed by edge computing, robot-driven manufacturing is also possible.
Financial sector - Banks can use computer vision and edge analytics to remotely assist in setting up normal and white-label branches to help provide consumers with ubiquitous financial banking products and services.
Healthcare - In healthcare, edge computing aims to accelerate connectivity between machine-to-machine and machine-to-human interactions. This helps bring medical software and services to remote rural areas.
Traffic Management - Improving real-time data is one of the best ways to optimize a traffic management system. Intelligent transportation networks, especially traffic management processes, make extensive use of edge computing technology.
Edge Video Choreography - Edge video choreography uses edge computing resources to perform a highly optimized delivery process for a widely used but bandwidth-intensive resource (i.e., video). That's a problem 5G edge computers will solve in the next few years.

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Edge computing and its amazing applications