Netflix launches a new Quick Play Trivia Game, ‘Triviaverse’

Netflix is offering its customers a new way to test their family and friends during holiday gatherings this season. The video streaming giant has released a brand new game called “Triviaverse,” which is available now for all Netflix subscribers to play.

“Triviaverse” is a rapid-fire trivia game, divided into three rounds. Players must answer as many questions as they can within the round’s time limit. The more they answer correctly, the more points they score. Players can try their hand solo, or grab a fellow trivia buff and utilize the turn-based multiplayer feature. Categories of questions range from history and science to pop culture.

The actual gameplay is not very complicated at all. By clicking the arrow keys on their respective remote controls, players are given a certain amount of time to provide accurate responses to as many questions as possible.

The topics to be covered include history, science, and contemporary culture. As they go through the rounds, the challenges will get more complex.

Netflix started investing in gaming a year before the release of the new trivia game, and the business has said that it would ultimately grow beyond mobile games.

After a successful third quarter, Netflix's Vice President for Gaming, Mike Verdu, announced plans to expand into cloud gaming and build a new studio in Southern California. This was revealed last month during the TechCrunch Disrupt.

Spry Fox, a game development firm, was bought by Netflix lately, making it a total of five in-house game development companies on the streaming service.

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Netflix launches a new Quick Play Trivia Game, ‘Triviaverse’