Logitech G Cloud gaming: close to great

The left control cluster of Logitech's G Cloud

Portable gaming devices have been around for decades, ever since Nintendo's Gameboy first offered a truly compelling gaming experience in a handheld.

As a company that thrives on PC and gaming peripherals, you'd expect Logitech to nail the hardware. It did. The analog sticks feel smooth, consistent, and devoid of drift (at least during my testing period). All buttons were crisp and responsive, and the included 7-inch touchscreen felt perfectly sensitive when interacting with UI elements that were designed for it (more on that later).

The built-in stereo speakers get surprisingly loud, but never sounded distorted. I had no problem recognizing directional audio cues, and was pleasantly surprised by the audio fidelity of such a small device.

If you prefer private sound, the 3.5mm combo jack also worked perfectly with every gaming headset or headphones I tried, as did the Bluetooth connection.

Just be aware of the ever-present issue of Bluetooth latency, if you're playing a game where perfectly synced audio is vital.

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Logitech G Cloud gaming: close to great