Ubisoft Giving Stadia Users “Free” PC Games

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Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service is shutting its doors in January, leaving many to wonder what will happen with the games they purchased on the doomed platform. Various publishers, including Bungie, IO Interactive, and CD Projekt Red have provided ways for players to continue their games on other platforms, and now Ubisoft has outlined their full plan. Ubisoft was arguably the biggest supporter of Stadia, bringing dozens of titles big and small to the service, so their statement is one players have been waiting on.

The good news is you’ll still have access to most of your Stadia games as Ubisoft is offering “free” PC copies of what you bought, playable via Ubisoft Connect. Those still looking to stream their games will be to do so via Amazon Luna in the United States. Those elsewhere will receive a rebate. Oh, and Ubisoft is also tossing a free month of GeForce Now into the pot.

Ubisoft is giving you the PC versions of Ubisoft games you owned on Stadia at no extra cost, and these games will automatically be added to your library via Ubisoft Connect. Note that any virtual currency you have in your games won't transfer from Stadia to Ubisoft Connect or any other platform, so be sure to spend it before January 18, as the items you buy on games that have cross-progression will follow you.

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Ubisoft Giving Stadia Users “Free” PC Games