PLAYSTATION 5: Soon Let You Stream PS5 Games

Playstation 5 redesigned

According to a new report by Tom Henderson on Insider-Gaming, it seems that one of the new landmark updates set for release in March will bring about the highly anticipated Discord-PlayStation integration that has been constantly teased since last year, but there will also be another major feature that is going to be a pleasant and not so pleasant surprise to fans – the ability to stream PS5 games.

Similar to Microsoft’s xCloud offering, Tom Henderson has reported that the upcoming 7.00 update will tout a magnificent new feature that will change the way you can game on the console. The ability to play PS5 games on the cloud on your PS5, allows you to quickly jump into the game without installing it. However, similar to xCloud, this is said to be a paywalled feature that will be exclusive to the PlayStation Plus Premium tier.

Tom has also teased that the beta testing for both features will begin in January and go on until the end of the month, after which we will have to wait till the official firmware update releases to experience the full extent of the features highlighted in Tom’s report.

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PLAYSTATION 5: Soon Let You Stream PS5 Games