Xbox Cloud Gaming is at a loss and has not met its goal

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According to the company's CVP Sarah Bond, who – as reported by IGN – said in cross-examination during the FTC case against Microsoft/Activision that it mainly was console players who engaged with the company's Cloud Gaming service.

“What we’ve found is that it’s being used by our players as a feature for the console," she said.

"Because what people can do is when you go in to start playing a game, instead of waiting to download it, you can start playing it right away while it’s downloading in the background, and that’s the majority of the usage of xCloud gaming today, is it’s just a console feature?”

Bond added that cloud games services could mean that players are experiencing titles on platforms that they weren't designed for. This is likely referring to mobile.

“The games being streamed are games built for the console," she said. "But they’re being streamed to a different device, so it’s not always the best player experience.”

Bond admits that the xCloud experience isn't suitable for gamers due to these are games that move between devices. It's unfortunate that Microsoft has abandoned the idea of separating Xbox Cloud Gaming from Game Pass.

Because Black Ops Cold War was at risk of not being released on Xbox Series X, there are other things we have learned from the legal battle. S.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming is at a loss and has not met its goal