PS5 Cloud Streaming Introduced by PlayStation Plus

PS5 Cloud Streaming Beta Now Live, Includes 4K Support (Unlike Microsoft's  XCloud)

Sony has added a new PlayStation 5 dashboard icon to help PS Plus Premium subscribers know which games they can stream. The new PlayStation 5 dashboard icon may be part of SIE's improvements to its cloud streaming feature before its launch in North America.

Sony states that it is "planning to have hundreds of PS5 titles to support this new benefit," and the games featured in the blog post are only a handful of the titles available. It's not just games on PS Plus either — if the game is available for PS5 cloud streaming, like Resident Evil 4 and Dead Island 2, then players can stream these titles straight from their game libraries so long as they have an active PS Plus Premium subscription.

The rollout of PS5 cloud streaming began in Japan on October 17th and has since been launched in Europe. The North American release is scheduled for October 30th, allowing gamers across the world to take advantage of this groundbreaking new feature.

Aside from the limited amount of games that support PS5 cloud streaming at launch, there's one other caveat outlined by Sony in the post: "PS5 cloud streaming is exclusively available on the PS5 console at launch. Without having to download a game, players can access PS5 game streaming with their PlayStation Plus Premium membership."

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PS5 Cloud Streaming Introduced by PlayStation Plus