GeForce Now on the Steam Deck

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Nvidia has introduced a new script to facilitate integrating its GeForce Now cloud gaming service with Valve's Steam Deck. This move aims to enhance the gaming experience by simplifying the setup process for users.

The new script automatically installs Google Chrome on the Steam Deck and adjusts settings to enable gamepad functionality. It further simplifies the process by adding a GeForce Now shortcut directly into the user's Steam library. While this script handles most of the setup through the SteamOS terminal app, some manual adjustments are still necessary to optimize the gaming experience.

Check out the list of new games this week:

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (Steam and Xbox, available on PC Game Pass)
Stormgate Closed Beta (New release on Steam, April 30, sign up for access)
Gray Zone Warfare (New release on Steam, April 30)
MotoGP 24 (New release on Steam, May 2)
FOUNDRY (New release on Steam, May 2)
INDIKA (New release on Steam, May 2)
Orcs Must Die! 3 (New release on Epic Games Store, May 2)

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GeForce Now on the Steam Deck