New Games on GeForce Now For June 2024

GeForce NOW

Nvidia has unveiled several new games that are set to be released for its GeForce NOW cloud streaming service in June 2024, with major titles like World of Warcraft and Lords of the Fallen headlining the upcoming additions. Though GeForce NOW had rather humble beginnings, the catalog of Nvidia's premier subscription service grows by the day, providing gamers around the globe access to more PC titles without the need to play them on a high-end rig. This year's June lineup, in particular, will likely be a highlight for many service fans.

According to Nvidia, the company is beginning a campaign on June 4 to offer three free months of PC Game Pass access to GeForce Now members. This means that all the games available from Microsoft in the PC Game Pass partnership with Nvidia will be accessible in your GeForce Now library. You won’t have to purchase any available titles to play them, simply connect your Xbox account and connect to the cloud.

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New Games on GeForce Now For June 2024