The Difference Between NAT and Elastic IP

When using a computer to connect to the Internet, we often hear the word NAT gateway. If you are interested in learning about it, you will find that it is closely related to the IP address, which involves our cloud computing products—— Elastic IP. Thus, what is the difference between NAT and Elastic IP? What kind of connection do they have? This article will tell you everything about it. 

Elastic IP Address

The IP address's role in the network is like the home address in reality. To find a way to go back to your home or apartment, you will need the address to guide you. In the network, computers need to use this address to access the website. Nowadays, most websites are deployed on cloud servers. However, there is a huge problem with it.

The general IP address binds to the instance on the cloud server. However, the instance in cloud computing is very unstable; it is often stratified for a few seconds and then shut down immediately. Further, each startup will cause the IP address to change.

In order to solve this problem, an elastic public network IP address appeared. It is a static public IP address associated with the user account. Since it is not directly connected to the instance, it has a unique address. Even if the instance is switched or replaced, the elastic public network IP address will not be affected, and the user access will not be blocked. 


NAT, also known as  Network Address Translation. It is a way of IP translation. When some hosts in the private network have been assigned to local IP addresses (that is, the private addresses can only be used in the private network), yet without any encryption, you are trying to communicate host on the Internet. Then you can use NAT. 

This method requires NAT software to be installed on the router connected to the Internet on the private network. A router equipped with NAT software is called a NAT router, and it has at least one valid external global IP address. In this way, all hosts that use local addresses must convert their local addresses to global IP addresses on the NAT router to connect to the Internet.

NAT is not only to solve the problem of insufficient IP addresses but also to effectively avoid attacks from outside the network and hide and protect the computers inside the network.

The difference in the connection between NAT and elastic IP

After reading the information above, we can easily see the difference between the two. An elastic IP address is a network resource, and NAT is a way to solve network problems. Nevertheless, they still have a deep connection. For instance, NAT is a solution to the lack of IP addresses.

Since public IP (including elastic IP) is a fixed number of network resources, the current available IP address space is exhausting, and one of the ways to solve this problem is to use a small number of public IP addresses such as NAT to create multiple private IP addresses.

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The Difference Between NAT and Elastic IP