Building Cloud VPN Tutorial Part 3. StrongSwan Android Configuration

Earlier, we introduced a cloud server to build VPN and VPN configuration on the iPhone and MAC. This article mainly presents the VPN configuration of Android phones/PAD. As Android phones, especially domestic phones, the VPN function is castrated. The VPN module does not know IPSec IKEv2 VPN, so we used a third-party VPN App as our VPN client. This time, the app we've chosen is the famous StrongSwan in the industry. Now we're going to introduce how to skim the StrongSwan client.

Step 1: Download the StrongSwan installation package(, and download the latest version from the StrongSwan official website through the mobile browser, or download the StrongSwan installation package from this site;

Step 2: Install the Apk installation package:

Step 3: Download the VPN certificate:

3.1 Use the mobile browser to open and enter the public network address of the VPN. Afterward, open the website, and enter the ID and password;
3.2 Access the certificate management page and download the certificate;
3.3 When opening the certificate, select StrongSwan to access and complete the certificate import
3.4 Go to StrongSwan Certificate Management to check the status of the import. Please make sure that the import status is successful.

Step 4: Configure the VPN connection:

4.1. Create a new connection profile
4.2. Configure the target server IP address
4.3. To configure the VPN account and password, it must be the same as the account and password configured on the server
4.4. Select the certificate. The certificate is to encrypt the communication data, and please select the certificate we imported previously.
4.5. Configure Advanced Options: Configure the target server IP address
4.6. Configure the communication protocol algorithm. The parameter is 3des-sha1-modp1024. Please make sure that you type the correct parameter. Otherwise, it will cause the connection to fail.
4.7. Select the application that needs to use the VPN tunnel to ensure that other apps are connected through the local network.
4.8. Save the configuration file.

Step 5: Connect to VPN: Please click on the VPN profile; then, the client will start to connect to the server, and the status will show as Connected. Also, please indicate that the connection is successful so that the corresponding App can use the VPN channel.

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Building Cloud VPN Tutorial Part 3. StrongSwan Android Configuration