AMD Helping to Bring Smart Access Memory to Nvidia GPUs


Since last month's announcement of AMD's Smart Access Memory, a function that enables AMD CPUs to access all VRAMs in the Radeon GPU, many were worried that the feature would only work inside the AMD ecosystem. Fortunately, this is not going to be the case. AMD is opening up compatibility with both Intel and Nvidia platforms.

Last week, Nvidia announced that it was working with Intel to get a feature similar to AMD's Smart Access Memory working on its own graphics cards. Nvidia said the feature was effortless to incorporate since it was built into the PCIe specification. Specifically, this specification is called the Resizable BAR Capability.

Since then, AMD has confirmed in an interview with PCWorld that its Radeon Group is working with Intel to support this feature with RX 6000-series GPUs and Intel's new CPUs motherboards. The same goes for AMD's Ryzen party, working with Nvidia to get Smart Access Memory working with GeForce GPUs.

For now, we have no idea how tailored AMD's approach is with its new Ryzen 5000 CPUs, X570 motherboards, and RX 6000 GPU pairings. Suppose AMD did a lot of hardware-level optimization. In that case, this might boost the efficiency of AMD's CPUs, GPUs, and related motherboards with this function over Intel and Nvidia's more standardized implementation.

AMD also claimed in the PCWorld interview that this feature is not a "toggle switch" that you can turn on. A good chunk of development and optimization will be needed to obtain good performance gains from the functionality. So, for now, it looks like AMD is in the lead with Smart Access Memory, as it has already been built and configured for Ryzen 5000 CPUs and RX 6000 GPUs. We'll see how long it takes to catch up with Intel and Nvidia.


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AMD Helping to Bring Smart Access Memory to Nvidia GPUs