How to Use a Cloud Server to Build a Personal Website?

What are the ways to build a website?

There are two main ways to build a website, one is to build a website independently as a self-built website, and the other is to directly purchase a website template.

The advantage of the self-built website is that the whole process of cloud server purchase, website construction, and website maintenance is autonomous, flexible, and flexible. Suitable for users who want to design their own website.

The advantage of buying a website template is that it is ready to use, easy and convenient, convenient to manage the background, and there is a dedicated person to maintain the website. Suitable for users with relatively sufficient budget.

5 major steps of Use a Cloud Server to Build a Personal Website

1. Choose a cloud server

For a website to run, it needs space, and this space is a cloud server. Different website types require different cloud server configurations, so you need to confirm the size of the website and the number of visitors before building the website. Under normal circumstances, the basic configuration is sufficient for small sites.

2. Domain name purchase and filing

Domain name purchase: The domain name suffix is ​​usually .com. Enter the desired domain name and register if it is not occupied. After the domain name is successfully registered, real-name authentication is required.
Domain name registration: After the domain name is purchased, it needs to be registered before it can be used.

3. Site deployment

4 types of environment are required for website deployment
Operating system environment, web service environment, database environment, and webpage development language environment are the environments required for website deployment, which means that these programs need to be prepared and installed, and debugged when building a website.
"LAMP" is the abbreviation of the above 4 environments, L is Linux, A is Apache, M is MySQL, and P is PHP.

Common website types: personal blog
WordPress is often used to build personal blog sites, especially for new users who use Alibaba Cloud to build a website for the first time. If you already have website code, you can deploy it through the Alibaba Cloud Windows one-click web environment.

Forum website
You can quickly build a forum website through ph wind mirror or Discuz.

4. Domain name resolution
If you want users to access your website, you need to perform domain name resolution, that is, resolve the domain name to your cloud server. To point the domain name to an IP address, just add an A record.

5. View the website
At this point, the construction of the website has been basically completed. Next, we need to check whether the website can be accessed. If you cannot access it normally, you need to check whether the resolution is correct. If the website can be accessed normally, congratulations, your website has been completed!

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How to Use a Cloud Server to Build a Personal Website?