Cloud gaming eliminates hardware choices for gamers

For decades, gamers knew that in order to play the latest games with the highest graphics quality and fastest speeds. with innovations in cloud computing, faster processing, and high-speed connectivity, gamers no longer need to make these limited and expensive choices. Improvements in cloud gaming services now offer greater freedom to play.

The Future is Now

Mac gamers can play at native display resolutions, up to 1440p for most iMacs and 1600p for most MacBooks. If you own a new MacBook Pro, this means you can stream and game natively at 120 FPS with the ProMotion 120Hz displays, or you can connect an external monitor for 120 FPS on any Mac.

GeForce NOW runs PC games from powerful, industrial-strength servers inside secure data centers instead of from your own devices. This includes NVIDIA RTX servers with RTX GPUs, which enable both real-time ray tracing, and DLSS, which is AI rendering technology that boosts frame rates for better image quality.

In addition to Mac support, GeForce NOW can be accessed on mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads through Safari browser support, and some TV platforms. An additional benefit is that users don’t have to wait to download the initial game, upgrades, and patches; games are instantly accessible after purchase. Because game saves are stored in the cloud, users can resume gameplay on a different device if they want.

cloud gaming is the future but it will not be an immediate or total shift. Hardcore gamers still enjoy the gaming console experience as they value latency and the overall gaming experience.

However, for casual gamers cloud gaming is an ideal option because of all the benefits. Cross-platform syncing is the key feature that makes cloud gaming an attractive prospect for users wanting to switch from traditional gaming.

There are many cloud solutions options available in the market which businesses can take advantage of. The cloud solutions can be customized depending on the requirements and budget and they range from public and hybrid to private cloud solutions options.

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Cloud gaming eliminates hardware choices for gamers