GeForce Now Adds $20-a-Month Option for Its Top Cloud-Gaming Tier

One of the big annoyances with Nvidia's best -- albeit most expensive -- RTX 3080 plan for its GeForce Now cloud-gaming service is that you couldn't try it out without paying for the $100 six-month subscription. Now the company has expanded its plans to include a $20 monthly option. The RTX 3080 plan lets you play games remotely at 1440p resolution and at 120 frames per second, a high level of performance.

At $20 a month, it's really expensive as a subscription, especially since it doesn't include a vault of games like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming and competitors. (GeForce Now only lets you play the games you own.) But it's not too much to pay if you want to figure out whether it's worth the upgrade from one of the lesser plans, or if you occasionally want to be able to remotely speed run through a game.

Or it could be the best option if you only have one or two games that you want to play via the service -- it's got a large and growing library of supported games, both old and new, which Nvidia adds to on a weekly basis. For instance, this week's newbies include Distant Worlds 2, an expansion for Assassin's Creed Valhalla called Dawn of Ragnarök, and a handful more. But there are still big gaps, a common problem with all the services. At least for now.

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GeForce Now Adds $20-a-Month Option for Its Top Cloud-Gaming Tier