Cloud computing promotes industrial digital transformation

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At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are deepening, the digital economy is booming, and computing capability has become one of the core competitiveness of the industry. As a mainstream advanced computing model, cloud computing not only provides basic support for big data, artificial intelligence, 5G and other new technologies, but also serves as an indispensable means to promote industrial digital transformation and surging new drivers of digital economy.

After more than 10 years of development, China's cloud computing has entered a new stage of active innovation, widespread popularity and prosperous application. On the one hand, the industrial ecology continues to optimize. In recent years, China's cloud computing industry has developed strongly, with an annual growth rate of over 30%, making it one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The industrial chain covering consulting, design, deployment, operation and maintenance is gradually complete, and a number of backbone enterprises with global influence have been cultivated. On the other hand, the pace of technological innovation is accelerating. Cloud native technology, represented by container, micro-service and integration of development and operation and maintenance, has become a new direction, which effectively reduces system complexity, improves application development level, and improves system and resource utilization, injecting new vitality into the development of cloud computing.

More importantly, the scope of application is accelerating. Cloud computing applications are spreading from the Internet industry to traditional industries such as government affairs, finance, industry, transportation, logistics, and medical and health care, with the proportion of cloud applications and the depth of application greatly increasing. In addition to large Internet and information technology enterprises, telecom operators and professional cloud service providers have also continued to increase input, pressing the "fast forward button" for industrial development.

Despite the rapid progress, many challenges have followed. From the technical point of view, compared with the international advanced level, the domestic cloud computing technology products and services supply capacity is insufficient. There is still a gap in the overall level of industrialization, the solutions for specific industries are still limited, and the differentiated and personalized needs of enterprises cannot be effectively met. From the perspective of the market, China's cloud computing market is in the middle and early stage of development, and most enterprises have not yet formed profitability.

Under the new situation, we should continue to send force on both ends of the supply and demand, from the policy, technology, standards, application, safety, ecology and so on various aspects together, through creating a favorable development environment, break through the key core technology, cultivate backbone enterprises with international competitiveness, constantly optimize the industrial structure, expand the rich application scenarios, deepen the cloud with cloud, so as to promote the rapid development of cloud computing.

As the development of China's digital economy accelerates, as an important part of new infrastructure, cloud computing market space, technological innovation and industrial evolution will continue to grow. From the perspective of technology integration, cloud computing can form a "cloud network integration" mode with 5G, industrial Internet and Internet of Things. Resource deployment will be more global and distributed, providing personalized computing services for various scenarios. In terms of business expansion, in the foreseeable future, the integration of cloud computing with more users and more fields will continue to deepen, providing new value and creating new drivers for enterprises.

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Cloud computing promotes industrial digital transformation