Xbox Cloud Gaming on Steam Deck

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Steam Deck to play Xbox games using cloud gaming via Xbox Game Pass, there’s good news for you. It should perform better now thanks to some updates that indirectly added improvements. Recently, Microsoft made some updates to its cloud gaming service for Xbox through browsers on Linux and Chrome OS devices. This means if you were accessing the cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass using a browser on Linux or ChromeOS, streaming should be smoother and encounter fewer hiccups.

Since the Steam Deck is based on Linux, it gets to benefit from these improvements. It is a PC after all and allows for browser installation. If you weren’t aware that you could access cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass on the Steam Deck, you can. And it’s actually quite easy to set up.

Along with Linux and ChromeOS, Xbox Cloud Gaming (which is still in beta) works on Xbox consoles, smartphones, tablets, computers and some smart TVs. Microsoft and Meta are bringing it to Meta Quest 2 headsets as well.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming on Steam Deck