GeForce NOW Adds Monster Hunter Rise

GeForce NOW

This week's GeForce NOW update adds several games to the service. One of the games that will be added to the service includes the long-lauded Monster Hunter Rise. Additionally, the latest update also adds ten other titles that will surely make a lot of players happy to play at various resolutions across several devices.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available on GeForce NOW. This latest addition to the service lets members across all tiers experience Capcom's delightful monster hunting Action RPG. This game will let players take on huge threats as they use their Palicoes, Palamutes, and varied arsenals to fight them with a wide variety of playstyles, whether solo or multiplayer.

Monster Hunter Rise will also come with the Sunbreak expansion and free title updates, including the update which brings the return of the Elder Dragon Velkhana, the lord of tundra that freezes all in its path. As such, if you own this expansion, you'll be able to play this game at 120 FPS through the Ultimate membership.

GeForce NOW is available on PC, iOS, Android, NVIDIA SHIELD, and select Smart TVs. You can also play your favorite games with the power of the cloud through the Logitech G Cloud and the Cloud Gaming Chromebooks.

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GeForce NOW Adds Monster Hunter Rise