Fortnite on Amazon Luna

As cloud gaming continues to reshape the landscape of digital entertainment, Amazon Luna emerges as a key platform, offering fresh possibilities in the gaming world. With an emphasis on Chromebook users, this guide explains how to play Fortnite on Amazon Luna.

This Amazon Luna controller is, unlike what happened with Stadia, compatible with practically any device: with a Firestick, with Android phones, iPhones, Windows and macOS devices, and practically anyone you can think of.

That means that all the games in Luna’s catalog are available practically anywhere on the planet, and there are quite a few of them, as you can see on their website.

Technically, Amazon Luna is doing relatively well, with good execution speed and often good latency. The quality of the stream seemed disappointing to us, well below what GeForce Now can also offer. We feel that Amazon still has something under its belt, when we know the power of their AWS infrastructure, so we can also expect developments in this area.

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Fortnite on Amazon Luna