GeForce Now in South Africa

Cloud GPU Gaming, the Solution if You Can't Find Your RTX 3080

Nvidia has launched its GeForce Now cloud gaming platform in South Africa in partnership with Rain, meeting a self-imposed deadline of 2023 to debut the service.

It follows an extensive beta-testing period.

Rain and Nvidia are offering two plans at launch:

rain, which is the company we need to thank for bringing cloud gaming to South Africa, has announced that NVIDIA’s streaming service is now available to all South Africans and it’s rather affordable.

There will be two flavors of GeForce Now in South Africa via rain: Priority and Ultra. Sadly, there is no free tier as there is in other markets.

Priority will cost R200 per month, giving you access to a premium rig with RTX enabled, priority access, up to 1080p resolution at 60FPS, and a three-hour session. How many sessions one can start in a day is unlimited.

The Ultra tier costs R400 per month but for that dough, you get to play on a rig equipped with an RTX 3080, 4K resolution, and 120FPS, and an eight-hour play session.

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GeForce Now in South Africa