Fortnite is coming back to iOS in Europe

Microsoft Finally Brings 'Fortnite' to Mobile Through Xbox Cloud Gaming For  Free | Tech Times

Following Apple's announcement of enabling third-party app stores for iOS users in the European Union, Epic Games confirms that it'll be bringing Fortnite back to the iPhone and iPad in Europe later this year — by way of a new Epic mobile games store.

Apps like Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Xbox Game Pass will launch on the iPhone. Better yet, they’ll run locally rather than emulated through a mobile browser. You’ll have to bring a compatible Backbone or Razer Kishi controller, which you’ll probably want anyway if you’re already waving the Gaming on Apple Devices freak flag.

Streaming gaming isn’t the only category getting an EZ Pass. Apple also allows apps to host mini-apps, mini-games, chatbots, and other plug-ins on iOS. They can even use Apple’s in-app purchase system so you can buy content. That’s fun!

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Fortnite is coming back to iOS in Europe