Xbox Commits to Game Preservation and Compatibility


Xbox recently made a strong statement about its dedication to game preservation, highlighting the importance of compatibility within its brand. The company emphasized that players can confidently build their digital libraries in Microsoft’s ecosystem, underscoring its unwavering commitment to game preservation.

In an official blog post on Xbox Wire, the company emphasized the unwavering commitment to game preservation and the importance of maintaining compatibility. The post urged Xbox players to trust in their ability to create digital collections securely.

Xbox Gaming CEO Phil Spencer spoke about this during a recent event, stating that Microsoft aims to respect people's investments in Xbox. He drew parallels to the compatibility of Windows over the years and expressed the desire to bring a similar view to consoles. While maintaining software compatibility is more challenging in the console realm, Xbox strives to ensure players can still enjoy their favorite games from previous generations.

According to Spencer, the Xbox president said Apple made changes due to a lack of time last month for an update that would explain what the DMA is like. And Xbox wasn’t the only vocal critic of Apple's changes.

There is only one store choice on Xbox. Microsoft takes a 30 percent decrease in both the games and apps sold by Xbox – according to the latest report for the review of Windows 8. Despite this, Microsoft does allow non-game sellers to use their payment system so as not to exceed the fee. The company also previously considered reducing the Xbox Computer to 12 percent, but failed.

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Xbox Commits to Game Preservation and Compatibility