GeForce NOW 4th Anniversary adds Halo Infinite and Skull

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GeForce NOW 4th Anniversary is being celebrated by adding two well-known titles to its already impressive collection: Halo Infinite and Skull and Bones. You can now jump into these AAA games hassle-free without worrying about storage space or those dreaded download times.

GeForce NOW is a cloud gaming service that lets you play PC games on various devices, even if your device isn’t powerful enough to run them normally. They use potent servers so that you can enjoy high-quality graphics and performance.

You can enjoy so many of these heavy-hitting games without the need to wait for tiring download times. System requirements don't have to dampen your day either, as you can play these games from the cloud without worrying about insufficient specs or the lack of storage space.

GeForce Now is taking the opportunity that an anniversary presents to add many games to the title library over the month, and the biggest one is Skull and Bones. The game is essentially a pirate simulator or a more realistic version of Sea of Thieves. That being the case, it requires a graphically more intense load.

GeForce Now is also bringing Halo Infinite to the library of supported games. This title comes as a free-to-play experience, unlike Skull and Bones, which will be sold by Ubisoft at a hefty $60 – for the base game. It’s also worth noting that Skull and Bones is technically in early access at the time of writing but will become available on February 16 for those who purchased the game early. Those who pay for early access can play Skull and Bones on GeForce Now today.

GeForce Now is also adding these titles:

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden
Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor
Goat Simulator 3

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GeForce NOW 4th Anniversary adds Halo Infinite and Skull