Is Cloud Web Hosting Service User friendly?

Some people think that using cloud servers for personal website building is a bit wasteful, and even some small company owners believe so. They believe that cloud servers are just a showcase website or a website for learning network technology, and there is no need to use high-quality cloud servers.

However, they overlooked two crucial factors, one is cost performance, and the other is the purpose of building a website. First of all, the cloud server is not out of reach. The cloud server is free to choose from. Individuals can choose as many resources as they need. For instance, they can select a sufficient configuration. It doesn't cost much. The cloud server is cost-effective, and the access quality and website stability are all on a high level.

Secondly, the purpose of building a website is to enable smooth and stable access without failure. If it always appears downtimes, individuals might need to spend more money on fixing the bug? Therefore, choosing a cloud server or a cloud web host service is the most cost-efficient way.

Internet marketing continues to mature, with the development and growth of enterprises, domestic and foreign companies pay more and more attention to official websites' construction. Network marketing and image publicity can be better carried out through the company's official website. Public awareness has been improved to a certain extent, equivalent to establishing a permanent advertising platform for the company itself.

However, there are usually several situations in websites: complicated domain names, difficulty in building a website, etc. Even if the website is successfully established, it will still face specific problems. What are the website problems that make enterprises headache?

XRCLOUD has launched a one-to-one solution for the industry's pain points. The website industry generally faces high construction costs, multiple data backup requirements, cumbersome filing, and low data security.

  1. The Cost of Building a Website is High

Many companies will pay any fees for building a website when they first contact a website, such as domain name, server, website building, other project costs, different target traffic estimates configurations, and different prices. Moreover, the official website is for users across the country or even around the world. If the website freezes and opens slowly due to narrow server bandwidth and data website port restrictions, it is easy to cause negative customer experience.

  1. Data Backup Requirements

As the website develops, more and more data are accumulated. Many situations will damage our daily life website, such as host hard disk damage, hacker intrusion, virus, etc. In order to ensure that the website can resume operation when encountering the above situations, the website needs to be backed up frequently. If enterprises need to back up themselves in real-time, the time and effort will undoubtedly increase exponentially. Thus, how to solve data backup is one of the problems faced by enterprises and developers!

  1. Data Security Issues

The website is an open platform prone to attract many attacks, such as program vulnerabilities, weak secrets, high-risk ports, DDoS attacks, etc. In the deployment architecture, it is often necessary to run some critical services on a separate server, such as a payment service platform, a user information platform, etc., to ensure data security. It is also necessary to connect the cloud host's internal network and the physical server to achieve mutual access between the internal systems.

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Is Cloud Web Hosting Service User friendly?