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Drive Your Car in the Cloud -The Tesla Model S

Many electrical and digital systems dominate today's vehicles' internal networks. For instance, the onboard diagnostics port, OBD-II, has been mandatory for United States cars since 1996. More recently, some of these data have become more accessible to the automobile driver. Cars can now send information directly to the dashboard, alert the driver of future service requirements, and replace the traditional red light on the panel.

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Why is GPU more suitable for deep learning than CPU? How do GPU and DNN calculations work together?

Deep learning is a field with high requirements for computing. The selection of GPU will fundamentally determine our deep learning experience. When individuals start deep learning, having a fast GPU is essential because it can quickly gain practical experience. In other words, it is the key to building professional knowledge, and we can use this knowledge to apply deep learning to new problems.

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What is Cloud Computing?

When we talk about cloud computing, it has two meanings. The most common one refers to running workloads remotely over the internet in commercial providers’ data centers. We called it the “public cloud” model. Nowadays, most business enterprises use a multi-cloud approach, which means they use more than one public cloud service.

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What Is Cloud VPN? And Why Is It Rising?