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How Cloud Server Can Benefit the Individuals in Their Daily Life ?

When it comes to cloud computing and big data, they all seem to be at the forefront of technology, and we always feel that they are far away from us. However, science and technology development should benefit the general public, so cloud computing is not irrelevant to us. Many cloud computing functions can be used to solve problems in our work and life. So, here comes to the question, how can cloud computing benefit individuals in their daily life?

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Drive Your Car in the Cloud -The Tesla Model S

Many electrical and digital systems dominate today's vehicles' internal networks. For instance, the onboard diagnostics port, OBD-II, has been mandatory for United States cars since 1996. More recently, some of these data have become more accessible to the automobile driver. Cars can now send information directly to the dashboard, alert the driver of future service requirements, and replace the traditional red light on the panel.

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What is CDN and is CDN the Same as a Web Host?