Elastic IP Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Fee for The Unused Elastic IP After The Application?

To improve the utilization rate of public network IP addresses, we charge a flexible IP usage fee. After you purchase an elastic IP, this fee will be charged according to the billing method regardless of whether the elastic IP currently binds.

Can I Use Elastic IP Across Different Zones and Regions?

Elastic IP cannot be used across regions. It can be bind to any cloud host, NAT gateway, cloud database, or load balancer resource in the same region under your account.

Will There Be a Reminder If The Elastic IP Expires? Will Elastic IP be Released?

There will be an SMS text message and email alerts when the Elastic IP expires. Elastic IP will be disabled and released after three days of the expiration date.

How to bind multiple IPs to a single host?

  1. Select a NAT gateway and bind the target IP
  2. Select the IP that you want to bind and confirm the binding. Then the binding is displayed successfully.
  3. Selects for details
  4. Create DNAT rules
  5. Select the IP and cloud server to bind
  6. Repeat the previous step
  7. Multiple IPs have been bind to a single server

Note: Binding IPs in this way cannot be seen on the console

You can use the ssh tool for authentication, or use the binding IP to log in to the system for authentication.

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Elastic IP Frequently Asked Questions