Commerzbank, a German commercial bank, has signed a five-year agreement with Google Cloud to move a "huge number" of its banking applications to the cloud

According to the companies, the expanded agreement would provide the bank with a "deeper range of platform services to support its digital transformation." Commerzbank developers will use a continuous integration and distribution (CI/CD) approach, allowing for quicker and simpler application development and maintenance.

The 'Digitale Kontoanalyse,' a digital account analysis tool, is an early application built on Google Cloud Platform and available to Commerzbank customers. Among other things, the tool aids in tracking past financial data and the development of reliable balance sheets for customer accounts.

"As one of the pioneers of this technology, we will benefit from Google Cloud's vast capabilities in infrastructure modernization, as well as its know-how in data analytics and deep learning," said Jorg Hessenmuller, Commerzbank's chief operating officer. "As we transition to the cloud, Google Cloud is a critical strategic partner."

Although the two companies have been partners since 2017, Commerzbank has a 'Strategy 2024' approach, which was launched last month. The plan 'represents customer-centricity, digitalization, sustainability, and profitability,' the bank said at the time. By that date, the company hopes to have 85 percent of its decentralized applications running in the cloud.

According to Hessenmuller, multi-cloud "continues to play a major role" in the strategy. The bank also has a relationship with Microsoft, which announced in January that it would transfer a "major portion" of its applications to Azure.

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