9 Steps to Increasing Social Media Fan Engagement

The objective of Corite is to keep artists in charge of their careers. When I spoke with Emelie Olsson, the company's Director of Artist Relations, it was evident that the entire business strategy empowered independent artists and their followers. Corte is a Swedish crowdfunding site that allows fans to "contribute with their hearts" and become "genuine partners" throughout an artist's career.

The Core concept aims to move the music industry toward a future where major-label support is no longer the be-all and end-all. Fans-turned-backers provide artists with financing, distribution, and marketing support through Corite. In exchange, when their music is streamed, musicians share their revenue in real-time. An artist creates a Corite campaign, replete with a complete presentation, so fans know what they're getting into, and sets a funding goal, which is met by their fans and returned over a year of streaming royalties.

"Our motto is 'Fan Power,'" says Olsson. "We're creating a world dominated by independent artists and propelled by the will of the people. You turn your followers into supporters and gather the ones who truly believe in you and are willing to pay money for your music by inviting them to be a part of your release."

Backers and artists gain access to an entire streaming dashboard once the sponsored music is launched, allowing everyone to track the song's success. Corte, in essence, engages fans in the digital world in the same way that street teams used to be the apex of artist-to-fan marketing.

"Today, everything we do is about engagement," adds Olsson. "There is a huge gap between the artist and the general people. Ordinary folks can suddenly strike up a conversation with a celebrity. It's all about how everyone these days wants to support artists."

Emelie Olsson offers nine principles to fan interaction on social media for Audiomack World.

Don't be afraid to use social media. "The possibilities for an artist are infinite and a fantastic benefit with social media. You can now establish, grow, and engage your fan base for free or with very little money. Patience, creativity, high-quality material updates, and time spent getting to know and understand your audience will result in both growth and engaged followers."

Maintain a regular posting schedule. "In this circumstance, as in many others, the adage 'consistency is crucial to success' applies. Following someone on social media is similar to watching a television show. Fans and followers are eagerly anticipating more stuff from you, and they are eagerly anticipating the next update."

Have fun with your social media strategy and be innovative. Because it's no fun to follow the "worn" social media strategies, they don't work. And the fans will notice if you aren't having fun.

"Find your passion for whatever you're doing. What ignites your passion? Is it writing, video editing, storytelling, or going live on Instagram? Do what you enjoy; everything else will never work, and if none of that appeals to you, perhaps finding someone to assist you with social media would help."

Don't be stingy with your following. In essence, it boils down to being generous to those that support you, whatever that means to you. It doesn't have to be personal, but it should include inviting your audience to be a part of your creative process, from the studio to the stage.

"Determine what you have in common with your audience to find your actual connection. What is important to them? Ask your fans what they want to see more of on your social media pages, and spend time chatting to them and answering their queries. Even tiny gestures like liking their comments can brighten their day."

Create a social media voice for yourself. This ensures that your fans recognize your postings as soon as they appear in their feeds. This can be accomplished by utilizing the same typeface and color while updating TikTok or Instagram or applying a specific effect or color combination in your photos. It may even be a standard welcome you use every time. It's similar to how huge brands think about brand identification, such as how we associate colors with the McDonald's brand."

The importance of storytelling cannot be overstated. "Everyone enjoys a good story, so make sure you've written yours down and given it some thought. Being a musician will not make you stand out in any manner; but, your narrative will!"

Be ready to go off the rails. Single tunes popular on social media drive today's music, so it's something that everyone tries to figure out and struggles with. It would help if you always were on the lookout for your music to go viral. That way, if something goes wrong, you'll already be planning the next release to keep the momentum going.I believe most artists fantasize about it occurring, but when it does, there isn't a strategy in place, and you may get even more concerned about what to put out there or what the next step should be."

Collaborate and network as much as possible. "Reach out to other musicians in the same genre and try to form a bond with them. Please make an effort to get them to listen to your music. If the song is excellent, they will undoubtedly enjoy it and will be more inclined to share it with their fans."

Over-communicate your message. "A lot of artists assume that once they've said something once, they've said it enough times, and everyone understands what they've said. The majority of it is lost in the din as everyone vies for attention. For your messages to stick, you must repeat them over and over.

"I believe Justin Bieber is a wonderful example of an artist who was effective in spreading the word. Even if you're not a fan, you're surely aware that Justin Bieber rose to fame after being discovered on YouTube at an early age. We've heard the narrative so many times that we can immediately associate the music with it when it's performed, placing everything in context and matching it with his story."


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