Tesla Update Adds Disney+ Streaming and a Car Wash Mode

Tesla's in-car infotainment system is getting another popular streaming service. When you have some downtime while charging, you may now stream Disney+ thanks to the recent software update. Netflix, Disney's Hulu, YouTube, and Twitch are already available in Tesla's Theater Mode. Only HBO Max, Peacock, and Paramount+ remain before it can be called a true video hub. In a Reddit post, a Tesla owner revealed screenshots of the "2021.24" update, which includes various new features. In a Reddit post, a Tesla owner told screenshots of the "2021.24" update, including multiple new features.

A new dashcam auto-save feature is also available, automatically saving recordings anytime the vehicle senses a safety event (like a collision or airbag deployment). Tesla has chosen to make the feature opt-in to avoid any further harmful privacy concerns. Clips will be saved locally as well and will never be shared with the automaker.

Mirror auto-dimming, more important battery information, remaining connected to WiFi while driving, Russian, Romanian, and Hungarian language compatibility round out the new features. The enhancements to the quality of life are designed to keep Tesla owners pleased long after they've spent thousands on an electric vehicle, as is customary.

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Tesla Update Adds Disney+ Streaming and a Car Wash Mode