Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service

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Microsoft has just announced a new ChatGPT integration coming to its Azure OpenAI Service. This release enables developers to add custom AI-powered capabilities to build their next-generation applications.

Microsoft partnered with OpenAI to launch the Azure OpenAI Service in a private preview in November 2021. It’s a cloud-based solution that allows developers to access OpenAI’s powerful language models (GPT-3 and Codex) and create data-driven applications. Azure OpenAI Service helps with natural language processing tasks, including semantic search, code generation, and content summarization.

Microsoft Azure Quantum Program Manager Fabrice Frachon explained in a blog post(opens in new tab) how, “the key to unlocking impactful, commercial applications at scale will be deep integration between classical computing capabilities including HPC and AI with scaled quantum computing in the cloud.”

Svore poses an example situation in which the hybrid environment would be beneficial to users:

“Imagine the impactful applications in the future that will enable researchers with the scale of AI to sort through massive data sets, the insights from HPC to narrow down options, and the power of quantum at scale to improve model accuracy.”

Additionally, cloud is hoped to scale quantum computing to new levels, and classical compute capabilities in the cloud will be able to help scientists solve quantum mechanical problems.

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Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service