ECS Purchasing Guide

Billing instructions

You can select a cloud instance on the XRCLOUD console, select the data center where the host is located and the corresponding system image, select the host configuration (CPU, memory, bandwidth, volume), select the payment method to pay and complete the purchase.

Billing item:

Billing itemBilling instructions
ECS CPU and memoryInstance type and specifications (vCPU, memory), purchase duration, and the number of instances purchased.
Image Management ServiceThe public image provided by XRCLOUD is free. If you purchase through the cloud market, please refer to the cloud market price.
Cloud volume (required)The default system volume is 40GB (purchased), which supports the purchase method by pay-per-use or subscription. For specific billing, please refer to the cloud volume billing instructions.
Public network IP (Optional)If you have Internet access requirements, you need to purchase a public network IP. For details, please refer to the public network IP billing.
Bandwidth (optional)For details, please refer to bandwidth billing.

Cloud server billing mode:

Billing methodPrepaidPostpaid
Billing unitUSD / MonthUSD / hour
Applicable sceneHas a fixed 7X24-hour serviceFixed 7X24-hour service (also included temporary expansion test)
BandwidthMonthly/ Annually SubscriptionPay Per Use
Upgrade configurationsupportsupport
Upgrade bandwidthsupportsupport
Release at any timeUnsupportedSupport

Billing instructions

· Volume-based billing is the flexible billing method of the cloud server instance. You can create and cancel the host at any time. You will be charged by your usage, which is our Pay Per Use Policy. The billing unit is based on 60 minutes, and it will be post-paid. For the monthly subscription plan, the funds will be automatically deducted from the default payment method of the account on the particular date that you start your subscription. If the post-paid amount is higher than 100 USD, we will immediately bill your account; this billing method is mostly applicable to the e-commerce industry, etc. In addition, the unit price for pay per use is 1-2 times higher than the subscription billing method.

· When the cloud server instance is billed by Pay Per Use, the unit price of the cloud server instance is presented in hours at the time of purchase. The price is calculated based on the actual usage of hours at the time of settlement, and the cost is rounded off to the nearest 4 decimal places. The billing started time is based on the time when the cloud server instance is created successfully. The billing end time is based on the time when you initiate the destroy or cancel the operation of the cloud server instance.
· When adjusting the volume-based billing cloud server configuration, the next hour after the adjustment is successful, the billing is started according to the new resource specification.

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ECS Purchasing Guide