ECS Configuration Upgrade Pricing

Monthly Subscription Server Configuration Upgrade

When upgrading the calculation for the price difference of the old and new configuration = (new configuration daily price - current configuration daily price) * remaining days * applied coupons or discounts (this is optional)

Example: (The price below is for example only, it is not the actual price. For the actual price, please refer to our official pricing list)

Suppose you purchase an Elastic Cloud Server A on 2020/7/1 for one month. Assuming that the Elastic Cloud Server A is $90/month, then your credit balance is 90 dollars, and the actual payment is 90 dollars.
If you upgraded the Elastic Cloud Server A to Elastic Cloud Server B on 2020/7/12 for 120 dollars/month. Then, the remaining days are 30 - 12 = 18 days, no discount is used, and the upgrade fee = (120/ 30 - 90/ 30) * 18 = $18 dollars.


· Discounts are valid on the official website.
· Upgrade does not affect the resource expiration time.
· The upgrades fee can be deducted by coupons and gift cards.

Pay-per-Use Billing Model for Server Configuration Upgrade:

Pay-per-use billing model for server configuration upgrades: when you are adjusting server configuration for cloud servers, the updated billing model will take effect in the next hour(rounding up to closest integer) once adjustments are successfully made.

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ECS Configuration Upgrade Pricing