Refund Guide

You can apply a refund request for the subscriptions. The refund request can be made within fifteen days (including holidays and weekends, etc.), if more than fifteen days, the refund request will not be approved. If it is a malicious refund, we will restrict the further transactions.

Refund is not supported in the following scenarios:

Refund is not supported in the following scenarios:

  1. Due to your recent account activity( such as upgrading your configuration, renewing, and adjusting the bandwidth or volume), we cannot approve your refund request.
  2. Promo code, coupon, free credit, or other promotions are not refundable.

Refund Guide

1. Log in the XRCLOUD console, click the username- Billing Center.

2. Select the order you want to refund; then click “Refund.” The resources associated with the order will appear in the refund details. Select where you want to refund to and fill in the reason you terminate your service and ask for a refund. Click “Next” to continue.

3. Enter the email verification code, click “Confirm” to complete the refund request.

4. Your refund request is under review.

5. You can check the refund progress.

6. Refund Completed.

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Refund Guide