What Is The Difference Between the Cloud Server and VPS Hosting?

The main two points of cloud storage :

1. Cloud Disk

2. Virtual hosting

More and more people use VPS and cloud servers, and individuals start to get familiar with VPS and cloud services.VPS is divided into multiple operating systems from one server with virtual machines. Further,  the cloud server is a VPS-like virtual host separated from cloud computing. Although there are many similarities between VPS and cloud server, the main difference lies in the configuration and stability. The cloud server is an upgraded version of VPS. Hence, here comes to the question of what is the difference between the cloud server and the VPS?

What is the difference between the cloud server and VPS Hosting?

1. Cost-Effective

If a server is divided into 5 VPS, then the memory and CPU are able to support the virtual machines for 35% of the parent server. The remaining resources are allocated to 5 virtual machines, which consume more resources and dramatically affect performance. 


If there is a problem with the VPS mother server, all the virtual hosts will also have problems. However, in the cloud server cluster, one server has a problem, and there are image files, so there will be no interruption.


In general, the attack resistance of cloud servers is higher than that of VPS. Many cloud hosting service providers also provide DDoS ​​high defense. When the cloud host or VPS suffers from a large traffic Ddos/CC attack. Users can clean and filter malicious attack traffic by configuring DDOS high defense to ensure the stability and reliability of the host.


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What Is The Difference Between the Cloud Server and VPS Hosting?