TensorFlow or Pytorch? Which One Should I Choose?

Q: Should I go for TensorFlow or Pytorch?

PyTorch is for innovation.PyTorch’s dynamic graph structure lets you experiment with every part of the model. Want to make your loss function? One that adapts over time or reacts to certain conditions? Maybe your optimizer?Want to try something peculiar like growing extra layers during training?PyTorch is just here to crunch the numbers - you drive.  

The key Advantages of Pytorch are :

  • Created and backed by Facebook.
  • It is being used only in research. For production Caffe2 (again backed by Facebook) is usually being used.
  • No specific hardware support.
  • Runs on both CPUs and GPUs.
  • It provides dynamic computational graphs, good for RNN or RNTN models.

Pytorch is more pythonic and fun to work with. It is often used for research purposes. The disadvantage of Pytorch is that it is relatively new, and it is not as mature as TensorFlow, so don't use it for production. 

On the other hand, TensorFlow is for the rapid assembly, tuning, and distribution of conventional models. Further, Tensorflow is more mature, and it is a Google product.  It's got a big menu of well-known components. You might read about from Convolutional Nets for image recognition to Recurrent Nets for language and anything else. Grab it, stack it, and you're off. You're free to play with hyper-parameters all day long, do Data Analysis to search for hidden signals, gaze at awe-inspiring visualizations on a gizmo called TensorBoard.

The Key Advantages of Tensorflow are :

  • Created and backed by Google.
  • Is being used in both research and production.
  • Google has released support for hardware-accelerated tensor flow support through TPU.
  • Runs on both CPUs and GPUs.
  • It provides static computational graphs.

As a result, we can say that Tensorflow is like a bus. A great way to get a bunch of people to a well-traveled destination. PyTorch is like an all-terrain vehicle. The best to go exploring off the beaten path.

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TensorFlow or Pytorch? Which One Should I Choose?