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Facebook Wants Its AR Glasses to Offer Superhearing to the Wearer.

A new Facebook experiment reveals how sound could play a key role in augmented reality. Chief scientist Michael Abrash and his team at FRL Research (formerly Facebook Reality Labs) published information today about what the group calls “ perceptual superpowers ” — AR devices that find out what you're trying to hear, then enhance it and dampen background noise. In conjunction with spatial audio features, the interface produces an aural equivalent of a hologram overlay in a pair of glasses.

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Drive Your Car in the Cloud -The Tesla Model S

Many electrical and digital systems dominate today's vehicles' internal networks. For instance, the onboard diagnostics port, OBD-II, has been mandatory for United States cars since 1996. More recently, some of these data have become more accessible to the automobile driver. Cars can now send information directly to the dashboard, alert the driver of future service requirements, and replace the traditional red light on the panel.

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The Importance of Cloud Computing in Education: Move to a Vertical Cloud