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Intel Xe-HP GPU Deployed for Aurora Exascale Development

At SC20, Intel revealed that it would make its Xe-HP high-performance discrete GPUs available to early-access developers. Notably, the latest chips have been installed at the Argonne National Laboratory. They will act as a transitional production vehicle for the future (2022) Aurora supercomputer, for the delayed Intel Xe-HPC ('Ponte Vecchio') GPUs computational backbone of the device.

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The 5 Best Virtual Reality Games You Can Play Right Now!

After 30 years of stuttering and halting, virtual reality is finally a reality, thanks to the inflow of billions of dollars of hardware investment from top technology firms. Facebook has its $600 Oculus Rift — add $200 for Oculus Touch controllers — and HTC has its $800 Vive and its optional hand controllers for those who either have a turbocharged PC or are willing to spend another $800 or more on that hardware. Sony makes it a little simpler for 50 million players who own PlayStation 4, offering either a $400 PlayStation VR or a $500 set of camera and PlayStation Move controls that you'll use to play games. And just about anybody can pick up a mobile VR system like Google Cardboard, Daydream View, or Samsung Gear VR for less than $100. Here are five fantastic VR games for these platforms today.

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NVIDIA's RTX A6000 and A40 are New Pro-grade GPUs.

NVIDIA now has a solution for professionals ready to get a grip on its new Ampere architecture: the RTX A6000 and the A40. They are two powerful cards that comfortably outperform the drool-worthy $1,499 RTX 3090, with 10,752 CUDA cores and 48 GB of VRAM. And indeed, in case you were curious, they were the predecessors of the previous RTX 8000 and 6000 Quadro GPUs.It's not clear why NVIDIA removes the Quadro branding this time around, but the name on the card doesn't matter to anyone seeking professional results.

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How GPU Servers can Benefit Your Small Business