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The Benefits of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the name of a suite of technologies that superimpose a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, offering a composite picture – part reality, part digital image. The root of the word 'increased' is 'increase,' meaning to add something. In augmented reality ( AR), graphics, text, sounds, and occasionally touch-feedback are applied to the real world. AR varies from virtual reality ( VR), which allows the user to live in an entirely computer-generated environment through a headset.

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Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain – Are We All Out There?

Using artificial intelligence to supply chains offers real advantages for the businesses that put it in place. McKinsey's latest research shows that 61% of executives report reduced costs, and 53% report increased sales due to the implementation of artificial intelligence into their supply chains. According to various data, more than one-third record a sales bounce of more than five percent. Revenue-generating supply chain management areas include sales and demand, forecasting, spending analytics, and optimization of the logistics network.

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How to configure the webserver? Let's talk about the IIS configuration and web server specific construction.

Website or application developers should know that web server configuration sets up a website on the server and sets relevant parameters. Multiple websites can be established on one web server. The owner of each website only needs to place the completed web pages and related files on the webserver website, and other users can use the browser to access the web pages on the website. Thus, here comes to the question of how to configure the webserver? XRCLOUD will share with you a detailed tutorial on web server configuration.

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The IKEA AR Experiments Demonstrate the Potential of Apple Glass